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Prisoner - Junkyard II Prisoner - Junkyard II

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Spooky .

You really know your soundscapes, and seem to never fail to amaze me .

I liked it, I could imagine a highly intensified image of running through a junkyard, grey clouds, fog, shadows stalking your every move . It's as if, you were stuck on an island of disorientation, if you look around you, you will be swallowed, if you look up to the sky, it will come down on you .. If you hide, you will be found, if you run, you will be hunted down .

The drums were spot on, the SFX, the atmospheres were spot on . You could of added voices, or a something to just creep us out , like something was about to grab us, not that we were being watched .

Keep composing, I look forward to hearing more from you . 5/5 9/10 .

- Abyssense

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KKSlider60 responds:

Indeed bro, glad you liked it ^^
Voices will be a separate part of the whole sound experience, as this is just the base ambiance. And yeah, it will creep you out, guaranteed ;)